Megapode Island is 5km east of the domestic airport where you weekly services of air Solomon. Megapode Island has a good surf beach and a guest house catering for visiting surfers. If you are interested you can bring with you your surfing gear and spend a day away from home. 


 a circuit of the headland is just opposite Megapode Island where you can cross rivers and walk up the hill for the beautiful sight-seeing and find other old ancestral temples.


 A pre-arranged cruise is one of the best options for our travelers, and it’s also a relaxed way to experience the Megapode Island life style, and discover the local culture and history.
 Local tour guard is willing to take you around the Megapode Island and enjoy the beautiful coral coast.


 Megapode Island Home Stay has canoes for hire as the guesthouse can provide that services for you. Otherwise you can hire someone from the nearby village to paddle you around sparkling and natural beauty of the ocean as you will enjoy the warm sea breeze. 

Bird Watching /Adventure:

 For the remote experience, visit Bolitai canopy forest to the west of the Megapode Island. Our local boys will act as guides to assist you around bush walk areas where you can find different species of birds found in Isabel Province.

Guides and Safety:

 it advisable to use local guide when exploring. The local guide knows how to speak the local language and know where you can travel safely or visit. Overall people are friendlier to visiting friends around the region and rest of the world.