About us

History and Culture 

The People are largely descendants of the Solomon Islands – Melanesian who are believed to be closely related to the Japanese and the Indigenous tribe in Boltai area.  Today there are about 40,000 people settling on the Island of Isabel. 

Solomon Islands are extremely diverse like any other countries in the Region. Traditional Melanesian is dominant and identified to keep alive the rituals and ceremonies. Visiting friends will find variations in village dialect and dress with the beautiful smiling men and women.
All the village authority is highly reserved to women and elderly people from the clans and tribe.

Village Protocol

As an in still memory of the traditional life to each respective society, these are some of the common protocol practices
  •  Be always polite and show respect to local customs and religious belief
  • Always wear modest clothing when going in towns and Village, descent dress code can be a token of appreciation
  • Ask our tour guide if you are in doubt about the correct way to behave
  • Permission must be granted by the community or chief, before you engage in any activity  
The Resort is managed and owned by Fr James Kile and Georgina Kile with the help of small but hardworking, friendly staff are always making sure that you have a very comfortable and pleasant stay.
Resort Owners: Fr James Kile
Resort Owners: Georgina Kile




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