Thursday, 28 November 2013

Megapode Island

Megapode Island is an exotic and isolated island resort situated at the top western part of Santa Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. Surrounded by Coral reefs and lush vegetation, its breath taking views makes Megapode Island a perfect getaway.

View from the Outer Reef
Lush Vegetation found on the Island

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Megapode Island Home Stay

Welcome!! Megapode Island Home Stay is on Malakobi Island in Havulei district in Isabel Province, or known as the longest Island in the Solomon Islands.  The province remains underdeveloped, with lovely beaches and crystal clear surroundings, most suitable for Tourist getaway visit.Our remote location provides our guests with experiences that are extremely rare in today's busy world.
The island is situated on the white sandy beaches where you have one traditionally constructed leaf hurt of viewing the natural sea front, enjoying of its sea breeze and viewing the beautiful harbor towards the mainland.

 Come and enjoy Megapode Island Resort on Malakobi Island where you will feel the welcoming spirit of the hard working staff, their smiles and the natural smile

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Welcome to Megapode Island

Agent: Jeff Hanuara

The Megapode Island Home can never be found anywhere else in the provinces, and those who visit our resort are always fortunate to see its magical heritage and natural wonders.  People are friendlier with the fresh and unique environment around the Malakobi Islands which host the Megapode Resort. 
Nationally the Megapode Home Stay still picking up its phase to become recognized to many visiting friends in the country.
Our activities will take you away from home as you enjoy the dramatic landscape with its natural gold sandy beaches.
If you are still looking for a holiday destination, come to Megapode Island Home Stay and share our experience.